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Please be aware that you will receive emails as part of this process. Please be sure to check your Spam or Junk Folders for any communication from the Peterbilt Team.

Thank you for taking an interest in Peterbilt. Please be patient as we process all applications. All applications will be given equal consideration. Your application will be reviewed as long as it is submitted during this application period.

Applications will be accepted for:

  • Assembly Specialist Positions

    Assembly Specialist positions will be responsible for production at Peterbilt. Employees perform manufacturing duties that may include but are not limited to:

  • Perform physically demanding manufacturing duties that include continuous standing, bending, and working with small and large truck components.
  • Operate production line machinery and computers.
  • Assemble truck components according to Standardized Work Procedures.
  • Use pneumatic wrenches and other hand tools.
  • Adhere to Paccar's high quality standards. Make adjustments as necessary to produce product within specifications.
  • Wear personal protective equipment.
  • Work in a team environment.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Applicants must be 18 years or older and currently have a high school diploma (from national accreditation agency or US Department of  Education) or equivalent to be considered for employment.

Please be aware that you must be successful at each stage of Peterbilt's Selection Process, before being contacted and scheduled for the next stage. Please be patient. Due to the large volume of candidates the selection process may take several months.

This on-line application process will take approximately 20 - 45 minutes. You will be asked a standard set of questions similar to those that you would find on an employment application. You will also be asked to submit a detailed work history, so please have your resume at the time of application.

Applicants must successfully complete each of the following stages of Peterbilt's Selection Process:

  1.  On-Line Application
  2.  A Series of Competency-Based Assessments
  3.  Hands on Work Assessment
  4.  Interviews
  5.  A Background Check & Substance Abuse Screen, Pre-Employment Physical

To begin the application process click here.

If you have already submitted an application and want to check on your status in the selection process please click here.


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